Case Studies: Life Sciences

Client business: Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of cells

Outcome: Company Acquired

InfoEnable worked with scientists at a developer of lab-on-a-chip technologies to create and commercialize a novel, in vitro assay and analytical software that could report a high-value protein pathway interaction information to researchers. InfoEnable met with scientists and management, developed a brief outline of the product's requirements and, within one month, produced the first iteration of working software. InfoEnable continued to work with the company over numerous follow-on versions of the software over a multi-year engagement.

Client business: Precision medicine diagnostics

Outcome: Company Acquired

InfoEnable was retained by a developer of cancer and infectious disease diagnostic products to create a commercializable version of a new oncology diagnostic. Initially, the diagnostic was little more than a set of ideas captured during an initial “white board” session with company scientists which InfoEnable detailed out into a working prototype in less than three months. Using an iterative process in collaboration with the company, InfoEnable completed the final diagnostic indication in under six months. As well, InfoEnable provided the company with the tools developed for creating the diagnostic for use in ongoing research.

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