Mike Davis

Mike has over 25 years of technology development experience as a product manager, technologist, technical architect and full stack developer. Throughout, Mike has consistently taken an entrepreneurial approach to product development, working passionately to embody the “lean startup” techniques successfully employed by many of today’s small, agile companies, while applying his deep engineering background to successfully commercialize products ranging from embedded systems to smartphone to notebook and cloud. Mike founded InfoEnable, Inc. in 2000 to leverage his expertise in agile product development through a collection of over 500 subject-area contributors in Mike's personal network. Mike has initiated multiple practice areas over the past 15 years including the Life Sciences practice and the Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) practice. In all practice areas, Mike continues to maintain a singleminded focus on the goal of always exceeding clients' expectations. While studying at the University of Washington, Mike was an early contractor at Microsoft. His continuing education includes programs at UC Berkeley Hass School of Business and Harvard University School of Public Health.

John Fess

"John has over 30 years experience in startup and early-stage companies. John has served as CEO, COO, VP, and in a consultative capacity across a broad set of functional disciplines including general management, business and competitive strategy, marketing, operations, business development, contract negotiation, and capital raising. As a technology marketing consultant, John has created transformational competitive positioning and new product introduction strategies for leading Silicon Valley companies and has played a lead role in client implementation teams. Following graduation from Stanford with degrees in Mathematical Sciences and Operations Research, John designed and implemented several large-scale, highly complex database-driven business and operational models for Chevron – this was “Big Data” long before the term “Big Data” arrived. After receiving his MBA from Harvard Business School, John has taken on a wide range of roles in and for technology-centric businesses, including founding “MarketSmart, Inc”, a database-driven marketing company (subsequently acquired) – this was “Marketing Automation” long before the term “Marketing Automation” arrived. John adds his deep experience in technology-centric industries and innovative business and product strategy to InfoEnable's skill set. John provides InfoEnable clients with the assurance that great technological execution is fully leveraged as a primary competitive competency and that R&D, marketing, and operations domains are fully aligned toward a focused pursuit of established strategic goals."

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